Online efficiency and local knowledge that powers productive transaction management.

Dealertrack Registration and Titling is built on a foundation of intuitive technology and more than 20 years of local and industry-wide experience. That combination of innovation and expertise helps you to solve the most complex scenarios and consistently create significant productivity gains.


Get industry-leading turnaround times and accurate processing that enables you to offer materials on the spot. Reduce title receipts to days with our fast titles on vehicle trade-ins.


Designed around how title clerks actually enter data, our Registration and Titling software features descriptive error messages that reduce the need for formal and time-consuming DMV training.


Leverage a full and comprehensive menu of in-state and out-of-state transactions services; reduce receipt of your titles on used vehicle trades to days, from weeks. 

Faster Deal Audits Create a Registration and Titling Advantage

Thanks to the new logbook feature available in our next-gen registration and titling product, Lea Burns at the Imperio Auto Group gets to review the audit findings within 48 hours. That’s a key advantage, and just one of the many ways she uses Dealertrack to create efficiencies.

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Minimize paperwork and maximize results with Dealertrack's complete, fast and easy-to-use registration and titling solution.

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