Reach, retain and resell customers with high-quality marketing services.

Marketing Services is designed to keep your hard-won customers coming back. We create and execute personalized, professional marketing services for every customer throughout the entire ownership lifecycle. We offer a virtual on demand BDC, direct mail and email campaigns, as well as eNewsletters to help you with driving prospects, sales, service and loyalty.


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Prospect Follow-up

Unsold customers provide profit opportunity. If follow-up communications fall through, high-quality leads can be lost. Our professional contact center team places follow-up calls within 24 hours. You receive unbiased, third-party feedback to help you close more sales.

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Sales Satisfaction Follow-up

Our friendly and professional team places personal “thank you for your purchase” follow-up calls to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the purchase and delivery experience. Each customer is asked a short series of questions, customized by your dealership.

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Customer Retention

Customer Retention and equity marketing service helps you gain referrals and repeat business. For five years after a vehicle purchase, our professional team creates customer communications including customized letters, birthday cards, equity notifications and referral rewards.

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Service Marketing/Service Marketing Follow-up

Timely communications move traffic to your service department. Increase your ability to capture first maintenance appointments and set the stage for long service relationships. Our professional team can help by managing every task from message creation to delivery.

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Service Satisfaction Follow-up

Consistent service revenue is crucial to your dealership. Our experienced team makes service satisfaction calls within 5 days of the close date of each repair order. Tailored surveys help cultivate relationships and obtain details on the service process.

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Database Marketing

Unlock profit potential with Database Marketing. Our approach identifies incremental sales and service opportunities for sales and service growth. Our team works with you to analyze data and create high-quality marketing campaigns specific to your dealership.