eMenu for iPad moves F&I products

See how First Choice Ford saw a 40% increase in sales with a 100% compliance rate with eMenu for iPad.

Automotive Retail Trends and Events


NADA Thought Leader Series: Five Questions with Mike Burgiss

For 20 years, Mike Burgiss has been focused on providing dealers with the online tools necessary to win in their retail businesses. Click here to learn more about his experience, insights, and views into coming retail trends and best practices.

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NADA Thought Leader Series: Five Questions with Randy Henrick

With NADA 2016 right around the corner, we took a moment to connect with Compliance expert Randy Henrick about his upcoming workshop, emerging regulatory trends in auto retail, and more.

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NADA Preview: Data Security Shortfalls that Put Your Dealership at Risk

Large, high-profile retailers may get the headlines, but auto dealerships are an especially attractive target thanks to the large amount of personal information they gather about customers – and the lack of a consistent approach to data security.

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